8:30AM - Begin 30 min Countdown

9:00AM - Welcome and Announcements

9:05AM    Science and the Mind of the Maker | Melissa Cain Travis

9:35AM   Foresight: How the Chemistry of Life Reveals Planning and Purpose | Marcos Eberlin

10:05AM   Break

10:20AM   One God or Many Universes? | Stephen Meyer

11:15AM    Break

12:00PM   Gauging the Success of Intelligent Design | William Dembski

12:45PM   Break

1:10PM    The Unique Origins of Humanity in the Fossil Record | Casey Luskin

1:45PM    Break

2:00PM   Final Q&A Session with All Speakers

3:25PM  Conference Concludes

*This event has been pre-recorded. You have the ability to schedule your event according to your group/ church needs. This may look very different depending on how you've decided to host. If you are using this in a group setting, we suggest breaking up the teachings over several group "gatherings" and adding time for discussion for your attendees. 

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